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The Northwest Climate Circle is a Seattle based therapeutic space where members gather with facilitators to process experiences related to the ecological crises of our time.

We are already bearing witness to the effects of climate change and as our awareness of this threat grows, we are challenged to find new and adaptive ways of coping and being in our changing world. Processing complex cognitive, behavioral and emotional responses to the climate crisis allows us to engage more fully and effectively with these difficult realities.

We believe that eco-anxiety, grief and other dysregulating responses to the climate crisis are greatly exacerbated by feelings of isolation and confusion about what is happening. Many people are concerned about these issues but feel overwhelmed by their scope and complexity, and alone in their experience.

The Northwest Climate Circle offers a reflective and supportive space where members gather to process experiences related to the ecological crises of our time. Throughout our 10 weeks together we will focus on building emotional resilience, developing self knowledge and broadening perspectives about our shared reality.

This is not an action oriented group - however we affirm those who are contributing in meaningful ways to the issues we care about and we wish to honor the hard work of those in the climate movement.

Sessions take place in Seattle on Thursdays 7 — 9pm between 9/30 and 12/16.